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John Baldwin & Xander Fierro - Passion HeatJohn Baldwin, Xander Fierro
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Sketch Covington
WEIGHT:215 lbs
Sketch Covington is our newest, sexy & thick, blonde haired model. One weekend we introduced him to an interesting cock milking toy that he instantly became intrigued by. Reaching into his underwear, he slipped out his thick beautifully proportioned solid cock (which instantly grew hard). Sketch is big dick comfortably rests over his plump, pink balls. From the start, we can tell he is a bit of an exhibitionist as he guides his cock into the stroker. As soon as the machine starts to rotate around his big dick he moans with excitement. The machine barely manages to take all him inside as he happily guides the device up and down, trying to milk every inch of his big dick. Minutes later, he’s in ecstasy, his head rolls back and he lets the machine do what it does best.