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Timothy Nathan Shields
WEIGHT:210 lbs
I am married to my wife now for 20 years. I Love to swim daily and lay nude in the sun pool side daily around lunch time. I always leave the front gates open for you. I Love to bike, I also LOVE walking on the beach late at night on Clearwater Beach. I enjoy cuddling close to a great man in bed. The best part of having my hard bare cock in a wonderful man's tight ass.is falling asleep with my cock still in there sweet tasting hole. Pure, complete heaven to me. I am the real deal, yours to enjoy and I trust you as my fantasy lover.

I am an honest and open guy for you. I LOVE to top. I love to suck and get sucked. Kissing is so hot! Having a man, any age...size or nationality walk up to me and touch me there!!! So HOT!!! Would love to have a guy completely molest me before I even realized what was happening, I LOVE all my fans, completely.

Born: March 31, 1962
5 ft 11 inches tall
Shoe size 13 men's U.S.A.
Married to a Woman
Has a 00 gauge PA
Born in Pittsburgh