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Kurt Jacobs
WEIGHT:250 lbs
Kurt Jacobs is a big hot and hairy (and cute and cuddly) daddy bear, who loves to show off. He’s got an amazing salt and peppered beard, and his bearish dad bod is fun to hold on to. He’s a self-described “piggy vers-bottom” He’s into daddies, gingers, cubs, furry guys, and hung tops. Sexually, he loves looking for guys he can connect with, but also likes a hard anonymous pounding as well. For his biggest sexual fantasy, he would love to be in the middle of a group of breeders and tops who want to all pound him.

You may have seen his hot, furry butt being pounded before, as he can be found (usually within a circle of hot horny, hungry bears) on various male porn sites across the Internet. Kurt may look like a big top daddy, but he’s anxious to be bred by another big daddy’s seed.

A little know fact about Kurt Jacobs is that he has a huge fascination with Disneyland.
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MItch Davis & Kurt Jacobs