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Topher Phoenix
WEIGHT:195 lbs
A hard, sexy muscular man, with a wide variety of tastes, and the fiery demeanor of a wild beast. Phoenix is into muscle-bears, bears, cubs, muscle otters, big balls and furry butts. He’s very open minded and, though he has his limits, he’s very open to explore. He can get piggy, or be very sensual and erotic. He’s versatile, loves to rim, suck cock, nipple play, ball play, facials, and breeding. Topher is a true exhibitionist, who likes to continuously explore more varieties of activities, while showing people how he can swallow lots of dick with his hole(s).

Topher has developed a following at bear events, go-go dancing, and is developing a XXX site of his own. Phoenix has transformed himself over the years, going from cub, to bear, to a blazing powerful male figure of lean hard muscle. Watching him move in his sex scenes with other men is like watching a dance, or a scene of a mating male in nature, his muscles rippling and grinding with each thrust.

(Other than his interests in the industry, he also has a love for forensics anthropology, and has a degree in it.)
Topher Phoenix appears in these scenes
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