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Zack Acland
WEIGHT:220 lbs
This hot, buff, beefy, hairy, Australian stud is certainly what we’d call a natural born breeder (well breeding other men, we mean). Between his sexy voice and strong muscle bear looks, it’s no surprise he’s gained quite a following on the Internet before showing off his stuff here. And boy does he have the stuff to show off. He’s got a nice buff body, awesome tattoos, a nice big dick and balls for a good fucking and breeding, and a nice big muscle butt to be bred. Zack is a complete verse and loves fucking just as much as being fucked.

As far as the types of men who really turn him on, Zack is into rugby men, and especially Mediterranean, Hispanics/Latin, and middle eastern men. Verbal and rough play are particular turn ons for him, and his biggest sexual fantasies include being a cum dump for a large group of men (perhaps also dumping his cum in a cum dump in a large group of men), forced sex and similarly, orgies with large groups.

Zack is a happily taken man with a great boyfriend, but still loves to play.
Zack Acland appears in this scene
Liam Greer & Zack Acland